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Here are ETF themes and categories investors may want to consider in the second half of 2023

U.S. investors in exchange-traded funds rapidly took note of the growth potential for artificial intelligence and robotic-related ETFs in the first half of 2023. Here are some other thematic investment ideas for the rest of this year. Read More

Stocks are overbought, yes, but don’t sell yet

Maintain a core bullish position in the U.S. market, strategist Lawrence McMillan says. Read More

Top investment newsletters aren’t bullish on tech, Tesla or Meta Platforms. Here’s what they do like.

The tech sector’s rich valuation turns market pros to banking and other non-high-tech stocks. Read More

He called the 2023 stock-market rally. Here’s what Wall Street’s biggest bull sees for the second half.

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee says new bull market will be driven by AI advancements and Fed’s successful efforts in curbing inflation. Read More

Amazon is the cheapest of the Magnificent Seven stocks by this important measure

A comparison of valuation ratios and expected growth through 2025 highlight Amazon as a “happy medium” among the biggest tech companies. Read More

The stock market can’t live up to investors’ big expectations

Expecting your portfolio to beat inflation by 15.6% is wildly unrealistic. Read More

The Roy family’s ‘Succession’ saga: How could estate planning have changed their fate?

Advisers can help families avoid estate-planning drama. Read More

With house prices this high, boomers may want to become renters

Run the numbers on your biggest investment. It might well be time to sell it. Read More

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